Employee Orientations
XCube have people employed at all levels – Project Managers, Project Leaders, Module Leaders and Team Members. To support them is effective Sales and Marketing team, an active HR team, a Quality Team and accounting and administrative support staff.Our Human Resource practices are well defined, clearly outlining the career growth opportunities of all staff. We identify the goals and objectives of every individual and map these to the organization objectives – these are discussed with every prospective employee. A clear organization structure is in place and the lines of authority and responsibility have been clearly defined.

We are always looking to enhance our team as well as our pool of outstanding professionals that can be available to us as well as our clients. Even if you do not see an open position, it will be worth your time to send in your resume. We suggest that prior to sending resume; you review your resume and highlight in the email a few of your core skills as well as industry verticals that interest you. If you think you have an active interest in any of technologies mentioned below:

Technologies and Skills:

  • Java /J2EE technologies
  • Microsoft Technologies – VB6.0, VBA, Dot Net and Web technologies
  • SQL Server Database Administration
  • Database design and SQL Queries
  • Remote Server and Infrastructure Support
  • Project management
  • Testing and Automated Testing Services
  • Data warehousing

Please write to us at We are growing rapidly as a firm and are constantly looking to add to our team.


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