Managed IT Service

Infrastructure Managements

XCube offers focused solutions in core infrastructure territories for building and managing the enterprise IT infrastructure comprising lifecycle services in remote server management, application support and database administration. It is observed that strict budgets force IT managers to make tough choices and spending staff productive time on time-consuming helpdesk and troubleshooting activities. Investors keep the Firms on their toes to employ critical resources to develop services that foster business initiatives. Our services have helped our clients 40 – 50% savings in their annual support and maintenance costs, and increased firm’s business transactions by 25%. We combine infrastructure management with SaaS applications to optimize performance and focus on remediating issues ASAP to avoid any downtime. Our infrastructure management experience, allow us to manage IT operations, while retaining the complete control and transparency under the reign of our clients.

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Managed IT Service

Frequent changes to your IT infrastructure increase complexity and—if not managed effectively—threaten service continuity. IT Service Management solutions from XCUbe are designed to help you ensure service quality and resource utilization across your physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Our IT service support solutions enable you to implement repeatable, measurable processes for defining, transitioning, delivering, and supporting services and assets throughout their lifecycles. By integrating and automating Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes, you can utilize resources and control changes more efficiently, while streamlining the workload for your IT staff. You can also improve visibility and control by deliver business-relevant services with top-down views of service level agreements (SLAs) across the enterprise.

The qualities that characterize the IT Service Management (ITSM) services provided by XCube include:

  • Designing and updating ITSM services while adhering to the quality standards maintained by the client.
  • Integrating the processes of data collection, metrics determination, and performance analysis.
  • Intuitive automation of processes related to ITSM, thereby maintaining responsiveness of the solution towards inputs from end-users, consistency in quality of services, flawless reproduction of results, and accurate collection of metrics.

XCube IT professionals have successfully applied this structured approach to ITSM in the following types of solutions:

XCube’s data center management solution offers seamless integration between key elements of the service, including service delivery, technological resources, quality processes, and performance feedback. This approach allows end-users to utilize the solution in a hassle free manner, without spending undue time learning technical details.

ITIL-based service desks provide a comprehensive solution for our clients and address common issues including:

  • Problems with operating desktop applications
  • Troubleshooting technical issues with computers, networks, and smartphones

XCube’s approach to service level management fully supports service level agreements (SLA), providing continual identification and monitoring of any metric used in the solutions.


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