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Application development is a complex and dynamic process. Leaders must align strategies with a technology development partner that has a demonstrated track record, a quality approach to delivering consistent results and the expertise required to drive successful outcomes. XCube’s Application Development services help our clients to address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet their business requirements. Our service offerings are targeted towards the principle outcomes of increased advocacy, higher end-user productivity, and rapid adoption with a primary focus to help and boost their ability to harvest increased business esteem from investments. We empower our clients with transformational value by leveraging our proven deployment techniques and industry best practices to create change-the-business, run-the-business and cross-functional IT solutions. We ensure that their applications are working effectively and efficiently, supporting all of their unique business requirements and helping them to stay on the cutting edge by developing robust applications that are scalable, secure and easily maintainable.

  • Web Application Development
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Outsourced Product Development
  • Office Automation

Office Automation

XCube specializes in application development using the Microsoft Office suite with a focus on Microsoft Excel. We have over a decade of experience in developing Excel-based applications for a wide variety of clients worldwide, including some of the world’s finest Financial Services Firms.

Despite the proliferation of market data platforms and custom internal applications that have been designed to replicate or replace Microsoft Excel over the years, Excel remains arguably the most widely-used mission-critical application for financial services industry professionals. We help our clients in increasing productivity by developing macros, which automate manual processes within the software.

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and models are employed across a wide range of processes, from investment research and portfolio management to currency trading and loan processing, and just about everything in between. Their employability is not limited to Financial Services Industry but is deeply rooted in every business organization to present business and KPIs data in the form of Management Dashboards.

Our MS-Excel Services covers:

  • Bespoke application design and development using VBA in Excel and/or Access, Visual Basic 6, SQL Server, XML and/or related technologies
  • Microsoft Excel Macro development
  • Developing Excel Formulas
  • Excel Charts & Visualization
  • Excel Custom Ribbon/Add-ins Designs

XCube offers VBA development using Windows API and dynamic link libraries (DLLs) to bring automation into your Windows projects. We have an experience of leveraging VBA and OLE Automation to automatically generate Word and PowerPoint documents from Excel data, enhancing the functionality of your Microsoft Office suite. We have automated invoices on Microsoft Outlook. In general, you can rely us as a preferred VBA development partner if you need to process large spreadsheets in Access and Excel.


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