Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

In an increasingly complex global marketplace, Data & Analytics provides enterprises with crucial capabilities to derive insights from vast amounts of data, to make more effective and timely decisions and create a competitive edge for themselves. Prosperity in our data driven economy is as much about learning and utilizing what you don’t known as it is about acting on what you do know. Businesses need the pellucidity that emanates from an organizational capability to leverage data in many forms, from many places, through many methods and for a variety of purposes – all at the right time and in the right situation.To avail clients gain that pellucidity, we utilize our industry understanding to identify the right data and apply the right analytics to give organizations actionable insights. Such an approach is the essence of the efficacious management of data and analytics and the reason Data and Analytics is now at the top of the business agenda.Across industries, geographies and functions, our Data & Analytics services are geared toward making data relevant to drive measurable business value. Our advice clients on how to consume produce and govern complex information by using the right mix of historical, current and predictive analytics. In short, with our approach to Data & Analytics, we enable clients to cut through complexity and bring clarity to problem solving.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (or BI) helps predict, track, analyze, and present data as it identifies with business execution – it gives the tools your organization needs to make an interpretation of data into significant information. Getting the right information to the right individuals at the perfect time and converting it into experiences is challenging. Indeed, service providers face various challenges concerning:

  • Data latency and accuracy, business user adoption and redundant systems and reports
  • Integrating Business Intelligence (BI) and data warehouse layers with the operational systems
  • Leveraging new technology advances such as big data and new data sources such as social media, digital content, connected devices and cloud services

XCubes Business Intelligence Services offer full scope services from design and implementation to operations which address the entire data lifecycle including ETL, data warehouse, BI and analytics. Our holistic approach encompasses the analytical and operational systems to ensure integration and a closed loop, feeding actionable insights back into the business processes. Our services are intended to work with industry-leading BI and data warehouse platforms and products offered by our ecosystem of partner technology vendors.

Our Key Services:

Our Consulting offerings help enterprises align BI technology initiatives and convert the strategic business objectives and goals into BI strategy and take these ideas to action.

Enterprise Data warehousing
XCube BI/DW offers complete suite of data warehousing solutions encompassing data warehouse development, implementation, maintenance operations and support. We offer full life cycle design and development activities necessary to implement an end-to-end data warehouse and business intelligence solution.

Data Management
Data Management (DM) has become indispensable for businesses to facilitate the seamless flow of information, augment business agility and boost their competitive advantage. Our service offering in Data Management enables customers to effectively manage volumes of data and help convert information to insights.

Data Mining

These days’ organizations of each size create a tremendous amount of data which are put away on workstations sorted out as relation databases which may include many fields. Data could be text or numbers which might be transformed by machines. Frequently it gets important to examine this data so as to addition an understanding into business patterns.

Data mining is the methodology of discovering concealed business patterns or correspondences in any given database. Data mining services that we offer help organizations get basic and applicable data for their dissection and promoting crusades. We have created various Data Mining scripts; each one script precisely custom-made to the particular wishes and necessities of the client. This means we have an expansive asset of existing code and experience. Information mining ventures embraced with non-information mining pros could spell disaster for any association.

XCube’s Data Mining Services includes:

  • Data Retrieval
  • Data Integration
  • Data warehousing
  • Web Data Mining
  • Web Scraping
  • Data Extracting
  • Data Profiling







Database Management and Optimization

In today’s reality, Database and Application Infrastructure are critical components of enterprise IT. Against this backdrop, endeavors face continuing challenges in dealing with an inexorably unpredictable and growing data portfolio while meeting business expectations for peak performance and accessibility.

XCube provides Database Administration & Monitoring services for enterprise class Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and MySQL databases. From database administration, design, planning, setup and installations, backups/restoration and database upgrades, we provide expert remote DBA support 24X7 and proactive monitoring of mission-critical DB sizing to very large setup. Our consultative approach enables us to define goals, strategize on implementation and perform business analytics on enterprise data.

XCube’s Database Management services are listed below:

  • Database Administration
  • Data center management and consolidation
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Database Security
  • Performance monitoring and enhancement
  • End-to-end data security
  • Patch Management
  • Database administrator (DBA) services

All the time organizations keep different data (client contacts, supplier lists, generated leads, pricing tables, claims data, and so forth.) in diverse structures and crosswise over various sources. Xcube can streamline this data into clean, control and operational databases as stated by any criteria concurred with the customer. This obliges a sort of immediate, strictly controllable work in a day-to-day repetitive process that Xcube performs to highest standards.

Data Visualization

Nowadays, key decision makers are challenged and overwhelmed by the exorbitant amount of data accessible to them. Saddled with the obligation to respond and settle on choices dependent upon the information inside a constrained time allotment, it gets basic that the information be displayed to them in a manner that permits them to depend on their business intuitions to make quick, yet accurate decisions.

Likewise, with the surge of data and huge ventures in infrastructure and technologies, organizations need to power the quality and bits of knowledge covered up in their data to settle on better business choices.

Challenges faced by Organizations:

  • Inability to interpret and influence accessible data
  • lack of end-to-end view
  • Inability to make an interpretation of business necessities
  • Lack of in-house competencies on the platforms or tools, prompting poor execution and low reception

Data visualization, as a tool, is a key in converting business strategy to actuality as it permits understanding where an organization or division needs to centering. Dashboards let organizations gain insights into their business, monitor key performance metrics, and help visualize information in a way that is easier to quantify. Dashboards are turning into a standout among-st the most important tools for associations to increase visibility into how they are executing and help create ways for expanding general efficiency.

Whether you are utilizing an existing business intelligence system or anticipating an end-to-end usage, XCube offers cost-effective solutions for making refined digital dashboards with visualizations of multi-dimensional data-sets for engaging users rapidly and effectively. A key objective of our solution is to help decision making through the utilization of appropriately outlined graphical representations of information.

With highlights like rich visualizations and upgraded intuitiveness through improved drill downs, our Data Visualization result is quick to deploy, easy to us and customizable according to your requirements – making it simpler for your clients to comprehend key measurements.

Our clients have been able to leverage our expertise to focus on building timely, robust, insightful analytics based strategies across departments and functions like sales, marketing, product and customer engagement to name a few.


Statistic Analytics

In the corporate world intuition and curiosity does little good if it does not eventually make a difference to the bottom line. Markets are changing by the second and creating a decision making process based on market data and facts provides the foundation for analyzing and exploiting every opportunity. An organization has to be geared up to respond to these market changes and organizations that create this adroitness will make significant economic contributions.

XCube provides Statistical Data Analytics services to companies worldwide aimed to providing and promoting a fact based decision making culture in all organizations. Simply put we promote Actionable Intelligence.

Our Statisticians can help you with the following:

  • Data Visualization – Bar Plots, Bubble Plots, Control Charts, Histograms, Pareto Charts, Pie Charts, Q-Q Plots etc
  • Data Summarization – Cross Tabs, Correlation etc
  • Comparing Samples – Binomial Tests, Fishers Tests, Chi-square Tests etc
  • Regression Analysis- Linear, Ordinal, Log-Linear models, and Non-Linear Regression etc
  • ANOVA – Mixed Models, Multiple Comparisons, Random Effects etc
  • Nonparametric Tests – Signed Rank Tests, Chi-Square GOF, Non-Parametric Anova etc
  • Multivariate Analysis – Discriminant Analysis, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis etc
  • QC Charts and Analysis – Simple Control Charts, Process and Quality Control Analysis, Pareto Chart Analysis, Six Sigma DMAIC Tools etc
  • Survival Techniques – Parametric Survival Models, Cox Regression etc
  • Time series – Auto Correlation, Seasonal Variation Analysis, Lag and Spectrum Plots, ARIMA etc
  • Data and Text Mining – Visualizations, CRISP-DM, Text and Web Mining
  • Missing Value Analysis- MCAR, MAR, Multiple Imputation
  • Bootstrapping – Bootstrap Methods, Jack Knifing, Custom Simulations

Our Statistical analytics techniques:

  • Cluster and factor analysis
  • Data extraction, warehousing, and mining
  • Regression and time series modeling
  • Sample design and extrapolation
  • Financial modeling
  • Non-parametric analysis
  • Statistical hypothesis tests
  • Survival analysis

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