Performance Tuning

Infrastructure Managements

XCube offers focused solutions in core infrastructure territories for building and managing the enterprise IT infrastructure comprising lifecycle services in remote server management, application support and database administration. It is observed that strict budgets force IT managers to make tough choices and spending staff productive time on time-consuming helpdesk and troubleshooting activities. Investors keep the Firms on their toes to employ critical resources to develop services that foster business initiatives. Our services have helped our clients 40 – 50% savings in their annual support and maintenance costs, and increased firm’s business transactions by 25%. We combine infrastructure management with SaaS applications to optimize performance and focus on remediating issues ASAP to avoid any downtime. Our infrastructure management experience, allow us to manage IT operations, while retaining the complete control and transparency under the reign of our clients.

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Performance Tuning

Performance tuning helps you get the maximum esteem out of your databases and your entire IT infrastructure. There are many ways to improve performance, including optimizing your database and operating system configuration and rewriting queries or entire data processing workflows. It’s knowing which ones to use, in which systems that’s critical.

XCube’s experts understand all areas of performance tuning and use the best tools available in each database to make sure your infrastructure operates at peak capability. With XCube’s managed data services, performance tuning is not a one-time event. We continuously monitor your critical workloads and service level agreements to make sure your queries perform consistently as data volumes grow. We can respond to performance issues before you’re even aware of them.

Detailed identification of the poorest performing functions/calls/queries including:

  • A determination of whether the desktop, network, server, or application causing a performance slowdown
  • What changes will provide the most improvement to user response times — more bandwidth, load balancing/location of web servers, tuning the application or more CPU power
  • Which application calls or database queries are taking too long
  • Recommendations and suggestions on the application’s performance improvement from by e-commerce testing experts who have tested hundreds of web sites.

Summary report analysis with recommendations and observations from experienced testing consultants upon your web site’s performance and including:

  • Detailed transactional analysis (thread analysis) of all application requests and responses and overlaying network routing
  • Bounce diagram of the web site’s application showing the actual transaction path and associated processing times
  • Graphical charts and diagrams representing your web site’s systems performance
  • A graphical picture of your most troublesome areas allowing your development staff a quick picture of where your trouble spots may be

Key Benefits:

  • Peace of mind in knowing that your web application is performing in the optimum manner
  • Quick identification of all the poor response time portions of your web site/web application
  • Reduced time spent on constant “debugging” and trial and error changes to the application to improve performance

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